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Cake Smash, Tub Splash, and Dinosaurs

/, Cake Smash/Cake Smash, Tub Splash, and Dinosaurs

Cake Smash, Tub Splash, and Dinosaurs

It was very tough choosing which images to share from Lincoln’s final Joey Club session. He had photos on his own, dressed as a dinosaur (well why not?) and photos with his sister.  He had photos smashing a cake, and splashing in the tub.  Throughout he was just wonderful and that presented me with a bit of a dilemma when I was choosing which ones to share with you.

So I picked the moment when he realised that he really was going to get let loose on the cake in front of him and no-one was actually going to stop him.  The moment when he discovered that he was allowed to splash in the bath and no-one was going to stop him.  And the moment when he decided that my camera would be more fun to play with than his big green dinosaur. OK I had to stop him from doing that one.  In my head, this picture is called ‘Exit, pursued by a dinosaur’ and it’s been making me chuckle all the time it has been on my screen.  Lincoln, in case you hadn’t guessed, is a child that is very full of joy!

A cake smash and tub splash session is included in the Joey Club baby photography club session as part of your membership – it’s your twelve month or first birthday session and usually guarantees that we finish our year together with a bang.  However, if you’d like to book it as a single session then that’s no problem at all.  A cake smash and tub splash session includes your five favourite digital images and costs £95.  All you need to bring is the cake, the baby and some bubblebath and a towel.

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