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Newborn Photography in your Own Home

One of the problems with newborn photography is that the window for getting those beautiful sleepy newborn baby shots is brutally short. Ideally, a newborn photo shoot takes place when your baby is between five and ten days old and it is definitely getting to the [...]

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Behind the Scenes at a Newborn Photo Shoot

This is a little behind the scenes peek on how I achieved the shot above of a newborn seemingly being held up and cradled in his mum's hands. Obviously I say 'seemingly' as it would be impossibly dangerous to hold even a fast asleep newborn in that position - [...]

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5 Amazing Facts about your Newborn Baby

I found a list of amazing facts about newborns and I really enjoyed reading them so put this together to share with you. Newborns are such fascinating little creatures.   When my son was born (a lot of years ago now but still a strong memory) I remember thinking [...]

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Father’s Day Photo Shoots – Sunday 4th June

As the saying goes, 'Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad'.  So I have a very special photo shoot event coming up on the 4th June to celebrate all those brilliant men in your life just in time to [...]

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Newborn Photo Shoots in East Grinstead with Baby Thomas

I'm not going to lie to you, in these photos Thomas is sleeping like an angel but he didn't half make me work to get him there. In fact, there were two photo shoots as although we did get some sleepy shots in the [...]

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Newborn Photo Shoots in East Grinstead – Baby Emily

This is baby Emily who came to visit for a newborn photo shoot in my warm and cosy studio in Crawley Down, near East Grinstead. She was happy to peacefully doze while I gently moved her around and dressed her up with some lovely props [...]

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Newborn Photography with Finley in Crawley Down

Baby Finley came to visit, with his mum and dad of course. He was only a week old so it would be early for his solo engagement.  Anyway, his newborn photo shoot went perfectly and he was happy to sleep soundly while we moved him around through various poses, [...]

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