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Wedding Photography at the Roebuck Hotel, Wych Cross in Sussex

Caroline and David, I think it would be fair to say, are not a new couple.  They've been together fifteen years and they are raising three lovely children together - three kids who incidentally possibly did the best wedding reading ever of the lyrics [...]

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Wedding Packages Pricing Change – 1st January 2017

Just a little advance notice of my wedding package price increase which will take effect on the 1st January 2017. The price offers coverage from bridal party preparations through to when you sit down to your wedding breakfast and includes all your images at print resolution on memory stick.  On [...]

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Wedding Photography at Horsham Registry Office

I was very much looking forward to Gemma and John's wedding at Horsham Registry Office and Horsham Sports Club this summer as I've had the pleasure of getting to know them over the time they have been visiting for their daughter's photos over the last year or so. It [...]

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Wedding Photography at Horsham Registry Office

Simone and Nick had already had one wedding ceremony abroad but were sealing the deal again in the UK with close friends and family - taking the very wise decision to double the fun and celebrations by having a second ceremony at Horsham Registry Office in West Sussex. The fact [...]

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Wedding Photography at East Court, West Sussex

Kayleigh and Kieran's wedding started with preparations with the bridal party at an East Grinstead hotel and then we moved on to East Court for the ceremony and reception.  It was a fairly small wedding and one filled with personal touches from the bride and groom to their guests - [...]

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Wedding Photography in Ashurst Wood, West Sussex

Miren and Steve's wedding was both traditional and not at the same time.   Non-traditionally from a wedding photography standpoint, we started the day with the bride and groom together at their home in Ashurst Wood and were accompanied by a number of the house's other occupants - [...]

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