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Winter Wonderland Christmas Photography Event – Terms and Conditions

//Winter Wonderland Christmas Photography Event – Terms and Conditions
Winter Wonderland Christmas Photography Event – Terms and Conditions 2016-11-25T14:35:35+00:00

It’s a bit boring but all these things have terms and conditions that apply.  I try to keep them to a minimum but you need to be aware of the following points…

  • The sets in the main studio are small and designed for two or three children to experience, these aren’t family sessions. You’re welcome to book a family portrait session and bring along your Christmas jumpers and Santa Hats to be included in those if you’d like to.
  • The Forest has a minimum age of three as firstly, fairies younger than this age can be a little nervous of the Forest and also your fairy or pixie needs to be able to follow simple instructions such as where to sit and stand etc.  The maximum age that I would suggest is 8 years old, as this guarantees a choice of outfit plus the Forest experience is a lot more magical if your child can still believe in fairies being out there with them.  
  • The studio is a short walk from where you park your car along paths with several shallow steps. For this reason, unfortunately, the Forest is not wheelchair accessible. 
  • The Forest is designed to be experienced by one fairy at a time.  However I recognise that if you have two siblings you might well want to bring them together.  In this case, we will explore the Forest with one sibling, bring the two together for some pictures together briefly and then explore the Forest again with the other visitor.  The session fee for one fairy is £25 or £35 for two Forest siblings – this fee includes one digital image from the session with additional images being available for purchase from your online gallery. 
  • Our studio is small but perfectly formed and as such we don’t have a very big waiting area.  Other children who are not involved in being photographed are likely to be very bored whilst we are exploring the Forest as there is nothing for them to do so I would definitely recommend that you leave other siblings at home if you can. 
  • We don’t allow any videography or photography inside the studio, except for mine obviously.  If caught recording or photographing the session, you will be asked to leave and the session will be terminated without refund.  All in all, that’s a horrible situation for us all to be in so please respect my copyright.
  • The session fee is non-refundable.  If your child is ill or you can’t make your appointment for any other reason (and of course these things can happen), and you give me notice of this fact, then you will be invited to re-book at the next session.  If you simply don’t attend your session without any notice, unfortunately you will not be able to re-book at the next sessions without repaying your session fee.