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  • Family Photos
  • Couples Photography & Engagement Portraits
  • Baby Photos
  • Kids Together
  • Casual, Relaxed & Fun
  • Range of Styles & Backdrops
  • All sessions include five digital images at print quality
  • No viewing or sales process – view and order your images online

Family Portrait in East Grinstead

Family photography probably has something of an outdated reputation as it tends to conjure memories of studios where you posed rictus-grinned in front of a backdrop featuring a picture of bookshelves (next time I’m at my parent’s house, I will no doubt pause on the stairs to admire a picture of all of us doing exactly that).  But things have moved on a bit since then and now, portrait photography is a much more relaxed and fun affair.    Not a library backdrop in sight. I promise.

How Does a Session Work?

When you book a session, you have the studio for an hour so we have plenty of time to get to know each other and try some different ideas at a relaxed pace.  It also gives us time to experiment with styles so I’d recommend you bring along a few different outfits plus of course any props and accessories that you would like to include in your session to personalise it further.

At the start of the session, we take some time to chat so I can understand what you would like to get out of your time in the studio.  Then I gently direct you through the session – you don’t need to have had any experience in a photo studio before.  We work through different ideas, props and backdrops (not library) until we are done.  Then you go home, relax and wait for a bit.

How do we see the Pictures?

About two weeks after your session, you will receive a password to your private online gallery.  All you need to do is enter this password into the home page on this website and you will go straight to your gallery to view all of your shiny new photos.

Family Portrait Christmas Present

How Much does a Session Cost?

A session includes your time in the studio (well obviously) and your choice of your five favourite images to download at high resolution to print and share as much as you would like to.  The cost per session is £95.

Can we buy more Images?

Yes of course, you can order more digital images, prints and canvases directly from your gallery. There’s no viewing meeting or sales session to attend.   You can see how much they all cost by clicking on this link.

How do we Book Our Photo Shoot?

You can either call during office hours on 01342 716393 (leave a message if I don’t pick up, I’m probably just in the studio and I will phone you right back).  Or you can choose your session date and time for yourself by using my online booking calendar.  

Book your Photo Shoot Online

How do we Pay for our Portrait Session?

The fee for your photo shoot is payable when you book and you can choose to pay online quickly and easily either by bank transfer or via credit / debit card.  I use PayPal to process card payments but you don’t need to have a PayPal account in order to use this facility, you can just enter your card details as you would with any other online purchase.  Just click on this link to load the payments details page.