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Family Portrait Studio – Gift Certificates

This family came to visit after they had been bought a gift certificate for a family portrait session. Reading between the lines, I think Grandma had decided to take matters into her own hands when it came to finally getting some pictures of her son and his family to put on the wall!

Anyway, all roads lead to Rome and we had a lovely relaxed and fun portrait session capturing images of all the family together and some of the boys together as well.  Apparently at home, one of their favourite games is pushing each other around on the little block cart, though not the way round that you’d expect as it is big brother that gets the ride while the littlest man does the work.  Still, it was a giggle to catch them at it in the studio – in fact, the little boy is such a good ‘pusher’ that I actually had to wedge the cart in order to have any chance of catching them before they moved!

Gift certificates can make a wonderful present for any special occasion.  You can create your own package and order them for any type of photography, just complete the simple gift voucher order form here.


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