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//Family Portrait Studio West Sussex

Family Portrait Studio West Sussex

Family portrait sessions come in all shapes and sizes but they are an amazing opportunity to capture you all together.  This one was a gift for a mum who apparently has been after getting it done for two years and was very excited to see the results.  With those three gorgeous daughters and their families, you can’t really blame her!

So we had a great ‘mix and match’ session achieving all the images of various family groupings on her mum’s wish list.  We played around to get some natural photos of the kids (there may have been a bit of silliness going on in that section if I’m honest).  Then we had photos of the sisters together and separately, natural models the lot of them and just look at those beautiful smiles – there wasn’t a lot of work I really had to do.  Not sure if I should admit that!  Then we grabbed some shots of the oldest daughter and her family as well.

The good thing about this sort of family session is you can take full advantage of having everyone together in the studio to take lots of variations of family groups so you cover all the bases and you can even use them to create the perfect gifts for christmas or other special occasions.

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