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Family Portraits East Grinstead

//Family Portraits East Grinstead

Family Portraits East Grinstead

Family portraits are, if I’m being honest, quite often one of those things that most families quite want but take ages to get around to.  However, this family did get around to it and booked in for their family photo shoot recently and I’m very glad they did – gorgeous bunch of folk that they were.

They hadn’t had a lot of luck getting pictures of the kids together at home but there is a certain ‘value’ of being in a studio and coupled with the fact that there isn’t really a lot of other distractions there, we had no problems at all getting them both looking and even smiling at the same time.  Again I may be oversharing here, we did do some very silly things to get them in the mood, including the loud shouting of some slightly cheeky words. I don’t think it’s in the ‘Big Book of Portrait Photography Techniques’ but it made them happy and it made them laugh and so, as far as I’m concerned, it works for me!

Actually they were all total stars and we had a lovely mix and match session – the whole family together, just the kids together, the kids separately and even a few of mum and dad together (they weren’t expecting that one but they made a very cute couple so I capitalised on the opportunity).

A family portrait session costs 95 and includes five digital images that you can download, print, and share as many times as you like.  Photos make perfect gifts for Christmas or any other special occasion or even sometimes just because you ‘finally got around to it’.  Gift certificates available!

Find out more and book online here. 



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