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Our Photography Terms

Your booking is accepted subject to our bookings and photography terms The Enchanted Forest is a trading brand of Sarah Fisher Photography and such, we also have generic company terms and conditions which are applicable to all our photography sessions. It may seem like a lot but they are very [...]

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What happens if my child is ill ?

These things happen, so if your child is unable to make the session due to illness or emergency, please just let us know as soon as possible by calling the studio on 01342 716393 or email and you are of course invited to rebook for a later date.

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Do I need an appointment ?

Yes, we welcome all fairies but because of our other studio commitments we need to know when you are coming, so the Forest is ready.  You can view the online calendar to choose your appointment time, and book and pay online by clicking on this link,site or simply call 01342 [...]

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Can I bring other people along to the session ?

Our studio is quite small and there is not a lot of keep other people (especially small folk who are not being fairies) amused so we recommend that you just bring along the fairy herself and leave any siblings in the charge of someone else (someone you trust obviously, we [...]

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