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Our Photography Terms

Your booking is accepted subject to our bookings and photography terms The Enchanted Forest is a trading brand of Sarah Fisher Photography and such, we also have generic company terms and conditions which are applicable to all our photography sessions. It may seem like a lot but they are very [...]

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Is the Forest Safe ?

We have created our Forest to be as safe as possible and tested it with lots of fairies of varying ages. We always explain to fairies before a session that it is important that we move carefully within the forest and that running and jumping is not allowed as it [...]

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Does your Forest go ‘On the Road ?

No - sorry, we know that there are some fairy photographers who attend road-shows and children’s events but our Forest is much larger and complex than the ones that you see at these events so we would not be able to move it round the country even if we could [...]

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Can I use my phone/camera in the studio ?

Sorry no, absolutely not! We don’t allow any videography or photography inside the studio.  We would like you to turn off your phone (or at least switch it onto silent) so you and your little fairy are not distracted during the session and can really enjoy the experience. If caught [...]

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How do we see the photos ?

About one week after your session (although this can vary over peak periods so you will be advised at your session what the expected waiting time will be), you will receive a link to your online gallery. Here you can view your images, so you that you can select the [...]

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What happens if my child is ill ?

These things happen, so if your child is unable to make the session due to illness or emergency, please just let us know as soon as possible by calling the studio on 01342 716393 or email and you are of course invited to rebook for a later date.

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Who is the Forest for ?

Fairies of all ages from three onwards are very welcome to visit, but the Forest is particularly perfect for girls between 3 and 8 years for whom we have plenty of costumes and props.  However, if your fairy is over this age range, you may need to bring your own [...]

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