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Bride and Groom – Together before the Ceremony

//Bride and Groom – Together before the Ceremony
Bride and Groom – Together before the Ceremony 2016-11-25T14:35:39+00:00

Bride and Groom Together before the CeremonyIt is a widely accepted tradition that the groom should not see the bride on the wedding day before the ceremony or bad luck will befall them both.  The origins of this are a little sketchy but it is thought that it stems from the days of arranged marriages where the object was to marry the bride to a rich family and bring wealth into the family.  If the groom saw the bride before the ceremony and didn’t like the look of her, he might change his mind and the arrangement would be broken.  If he only saw her at the altar however, it would be too late to back out, whatever he thought of her looks.  Not a very romantic idea at all and applicable in mercifully few cases (in the UK at least)!  These days, people hold to the tradition in the main part so that the groom really gets the ‘wow factor’ when the bride makes her entrance which is a much nicer reason to focus on.  However, there is a growing trend of the bride and groom spending a few moments together before the ceremony although they are not able to see each other.  As well as helping to calm wedding nerves, this also can generate some very beautiful photographs.  Actually it is getting more popular in America to do all of the photographs before the ceremony when everyone is at their freshest so the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their drinks reception afterwards – but to be honest, I’m a big fan of seeing the look on a groom’s face as he sees his bride walking down the aisle so I’m kind of hoping that it doesn’t catch on.

One of the simplest and most popular way to accomplish this is to use a door with the bride and groom on either side. They can reach around and hold hands but they can’t see each other.  Alternatively you could blindfold the groom (apparently it is OK for the bride to see the groom – I guess no-one worried about her backing out of arrangement as historically that wouldn’t have been an option) or both the bride and groom and lead them towards each other for some time together before the ceremony.  I’ve also seen some beautiful photographs with the bride and groom around the corner from each other, a great way to take some nerve settling time, exchange gifts or love letters.  You could also use different levels of a building or stair case – as long as the bride is on the top layer and you can trust the groom not to sneak a glance upwards – makes for a great wedding image!

So this page is designed to inspire you to create your own ‘behind the door’ photographs, Click here to view a Pinterest board of Bride and Groom Together Ideas