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Getting the Most Out of your Wedding Cake Photographs

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Getting the Most Out of your Wedding Cake Photographs 2016-11-25T14:35:39+00:00

Wedding Cake PhotosYour cake is a big part of your day, chances are you spent a lot of time (and a fair amount of your wedding budget) on choosing just the right cake for you.  Plus your cake will be taking centre stage when you cut it, so it’s important that you get good photographs of it to remind you how lovely it was when the last crumb has long gone.  There are a few things that you can do to make the most of your gorgeous gateau or captivating cupcakes.

Space – I don’t know if venus are worried about cakes getting damaged but I go to lots of weddings where the cake has been crammed into a corner. Safe? Yes but not making the most of it.  So it’s worth having a quick word with your venue co-ordinator and make sure your cake is getting a good spot where everyone can admire it.  Also, for your official cake cutting shot, you really need to be able to comfortably get both of you at one side of the table.

Backdrop – When you are choosing your ideal ‘cake spot’, just take a second to look behind the cake.  Is there a fire extinguisher, or an exit sign?  If there is, it will be joining you in your photographs.  It isn’t always possible to avoid everything but sometimes, a shift of just a couple of feet will cut out any unwanted extras.

Natural Light – Where possible, natural light is best (probably not directly in sunlight – that would be messy!). It makes the most of all the little details and allows your photographer to capture great photos without flash which can reflect a little strangely on any glitter or crystals.

Faking the Cake – Most photographers will ‘fake the cake’ cutting before you sit down to your wedding breakfast.  That way, you get your ‘official’ photo posed upwhich is difficult to do in a ‘live action’ cake cutting.  All of your guests will be taking pictures with their cameras when you actually make the cut, so you will still have plenty of unofficial ones to choose from.

Cake Knife – It’s worth giving your best man or a bridesmaid the job of checking that someone has put your cake knife out.  The venue should sort this for you if you’ve not been given one as a gift, but sometimes it can get forgotten especially if you’re not cutting your cake until later.  If it isn’t there, it can take a while to track one down and especially if you’re already hungry, delaying dinner can feel like a terrible thing.
To Cut or Not to Cut – Of course if you’re having a fabulous cupcake tower then you might want to skip the whole cake knife thing – after all it would be overkill for a cupcake.  You could choose to just stand next to your cake, pose with cake in hand or even share a bite.

I’m sure that your cake will look and taste fab, here’s hoping that the few tips above mean that it is really captured for posterity in all its sweet and sugary glory!