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Hair Advice - Beckie's Bridal HairBeckie, from Beckie’s Bridal Hair, has very kindly agreed to be my guest blog writer for this week and has come up with lots of great advice regarding your wedding hair…

Hair uncertainty….

While spring weather brings fresh flowers and fragrant gardens, it can also wreak havoc on hair by causing tons of frizzy flyaways. My top tip  – work with what you’ve got! No matter what your natural hair texture is, humid weather isn’t the time to force your hair into an unnatural style.. If your hair is curly, find a bridal do that embraces your curls. If your hair is straight but tends to curl up in humid weather, consider finding a look that incorporates loose, light curls.

Before Your Wedding….

Its very important to get your hair into good condition before the wedding. You can try taking a supplement and also try at-home deep conditioners. Comb the conditioner through when you rinse your hair, it should feel squeaky clean at the roots. Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week or once a fortnight in the run-up to the wedding. Make it a calming experience, apply conditioner, wrap your hair in cling film and relax with a glass of wine.   Get a fantastic trim two to three weeks before the wedding day. Even if its long, get your ends nipped, it leads to a much neater finish (and it will look great on your honey moon !)

Long Hair to medium Hair
If your hair is long and you wear it tied back most of the time than an sophisticated Updo would be just the look for you. Why not incorporate a detail from your gown into your hair. Details such as braiding or twisting of ribbons or beads can be brought  into the hairstyle. A soft wispy hairstyle complements a full-skirted tulle gown. A smooth gown with heavy weighted fabric is complemented by a smooth, shiny hairstyle of knots or rolls. Do you wear your long hair down most of the time? Then try wearing some of it up away from your face and leave the rest to cascade around your shoulders for a softer more romantic

Tip: If your dream is to wear it up and you have a few months grow it out, go for it, IF YOU DONT QUITE MAKE IT WE CAN ALWAYS FAKE IT !!

Short Hair
Believe me there is lots that can be done! (Sometimes more than long hair) for a soft full look, I Would dust off the curling irons and give your hair some fullness in the crown area and back. Don’t curl the front, save the curls for the back to  create texture.

My top tips

  • Pick out your wedding gown first
  • Decide on your hairstyle second
  • Choose the headpiece and veil third
  • Don’t feel pressured into purchasing a headpiece because it “matches your dress”. Instead look for a detail from the gown you would like to enhance and find a headpiece that complements.

You can find out more about Beckie, her services, work and prices at her website – or hook up with her on Facebook here