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Wedding Advice – I Hate Having my Photo Taken!

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Wedding Advice – I Hate Having my Photo Taken! 2016-11-25T14:35:39+00:00

Photo Phobia Advice‘That’s normally among the first thing that my clients say to me when we meet before the wedding.  I don’t think it’s directed at me personally (at least I hope not!), it’s just that most people don’t feel all that comfortable in front of the camera.

So when it comes to your wedding day, I’ve known people to get quite anxious about having a professional photographer there all day.  In terms of reassurance & advice…

  • You will feel different on your wedding day – you’ll be looking and feeling your best and there might even be a tiny little bit of you that wants to flaunt it!
  • There’ll be a lot else going on both physically and emotionally so you will hardly notice the photograph bit.
  • When you’re choosing your photographer, make sure you like them as well as their work.  They’re with you for a lot of your day, so meet with them before you book and if you can relax and laugh with them then, the chances are you’ll feel the same on the day.
  • Keep it relaxed – lots of group photos can be daunting and you don’t want to end up with a rictus grin.  Think about doing one large group shot and keeping the rest of immediate family and the bridal party.  This leaves lots of time for natural reportage shots to go and means that everyone is still included.
  • Leave plenty of time between your ceremony finishing and you sitting down to your wedding breakfast – at least an hour and a half.  That sounds like a long time but it will fly by.  Then you’ll have time to relax and enjoy your reception instead of trying to cram all your photography in and arriving at dinner without having had so much as a sip of champagne.
  • Relax – it’s your wedding and of course it will be wonderful!  I honestly believe that photography can blend into your day in a relaxed way that gets you the images you want and (dare I say it?) can even be fun!