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Wedding Flowers – Sunflowers

//Wedding Flowers – Sunflowers
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Wedding Flowers - SunflowersSunflowers, when you think about it, really do embody the spirit of weddings – their cheerful open faces just radiate happiness and optimism.  Whenever I have come across them as wedding flowers in the past, I have always been struck with the impact they have.  Plus, because of their relatively large flower heads, you don’t need all that many of them to make a striking display so they are cost effective as well as beautiful. They are widely available from May until October in this country and there are a wide variety that you can choose from – banish thoughts of them simply being the giant ones that you grew in competitions as a child, there are also dwarf varieties which look fabulous in bouquets and containers and all sorts of colour options from the traditional recognisable yellow through to deep red. They go wonderfully with a wide range of jewel tones, think deep purple, green or red set off by the golden tones of the sunflowers and you have a ready made bridesmaid theme, although they look just as fabulous against a backdrop of white or ivory.

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