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Wedding Ideas – Metal Cake Toppers

//Wedding Ideas – Metal Cake Toppers
Wedding Ideas – Metal Cake Toppers 2016-11-25T14:35:39+00:00

Wedding Ideas - Metal Cake ToppersA wedding cake is not normally complete without a topper of some sort and a cheaper plain cake can really be enhanced with a fancy topper if you are looking to plan a wedding on a tight budget.  There are a million types available, from fresh flowers to crystals and the traditional bride and groom, either made from plastic or from sugar icing.  Of course it’s all down to personal taste but I’ve a gathered a few here that look a bit different along a metal theme and also could be used as ornaments after the wedding as well.  The one pictured here is actually a wood statue painted to look like metal, and is totally unique (supplied from buildersstudio on who are based in the US but do ship to the UK)

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