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Sweet Love - Wedding Candy BarsIt’s a funny thing to say but there is a real trend in wedding planning at the minute of focusing on creating a fabulous experience for the guests.  I don’t mean that the bride and groom should hunch in a corner and have a miserable time of course, I guess the idea is, if all your guests are having the time of their lives, then you will be too.  This has lead to the popularity of creating ‘wedding pockets’ – little stations, areas and activities that give the guests something to do and add to their enjoyment of the day and the most prevalent of these is the Sweet Buffet.

They are a great addition to any drinks reception or as an accompaniment to an evening savoury buffet.  I’ve seen a few of them and believe me, it isn’t just the kids that enjoy them.  In fact, they are lucky if they can get a look in as we all relieve our happy ‘penny sweet’ memories! Of course they don’t have to be themed in a retro sweet shop style – although if you are having a vintage / shabby chic styled wedding, this certainly looks fabulous (and gives you another excuse to hang some bunting and who doesn’t love that?) – I’ve seen some very elegant and under stated displays themed with the sweets all in white, or including sweet treats like mini victoria sponges or macaroons.

You can choose to use an external supplier who will provide all the sweets, containers, scoops and bags (and even staff if you would like them to) or you can choose to DIY, depending on the level of time and creativity you are feeling but you can be sure that the result will be enjoyed by all.

Many popular sweet brands, such as M & Ms, Skittles and Lovehearts also offer you the chance to personalise your sweets to suit your wedding day. Personalised sticks of rock or individually wrapped rock sweets are also available.

The range of containers used to display your candy bar also varies and choosing the right ones is key to having a real visual impact on your guests.  They vary according to budget but clear containers are obviously favoured so your guests can see the sweets inside, I’ve seen some simply stunning glassware used (which might be an argument to using an external supplier who can afford to invest in some more impressive display equipment) but then I’ve also seen some fab displays with plastic bowls and shop bought kilner jars.  And jam making is very fashionable at the moment too if you need to find a use for them after the wedding.  You can also choose containers to match the theme of your wedding, for example blue glass and giant sea shells to match in with a nautical or seaside theme.

One other variation on the Sweet Buffet that is left for guests to graze at throughout the day or evening is the Sweet Goodnight Station – this is exactly the same but is not revealed to the guests until the last moment.  Complete with scoops and treat bag, the guests are invited to mix themselves up a bag of sweets to be enjoyed on the way home or the next day as a reminder of your wedding day.  I love this idea as it really shows that you have considered your guest’s experience of your whole day, right until the very end.  There are lots of variations on the Goodnight Station theme – I feel next week’s blog subject is rather choosing itself 🙂

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