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Wedding Ideas – Wedding Origami

//Wedding Ideas – Wedding Origami
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Wedding Ideas - Wedding OrigamiIf you are looking for something different in terms of detail for your wedding, take a look at some of these origami ideas.  Far from just being just a quaint hobby for people with lots of patience, there are lots of suppliers now offering fresh and different ideas, some of which you almost can’t believe can be created out of paper.  The papers used are quite stunning, and can be personal to you if you fancy looking up any of the myriad of DIY tutorials online – your favourite novel, sheet music from ‘your song’, love letters, the limit is only your imagination.

Wedding cranes are one of the items that are imbued with lots of folklore.  Japanese legend says that that the person that folds 1000 cranes will be granted a wish or eternal good luck.  The crane in Japan is a holy creature believed to live for 1000 years (hence the number of cranes).  In modern times, still 1000 cranes are given to the bride by the father as a wedding gift and when strung in the home are believed to hold powerful good luck.  All this significance means that they are the perfect wedding decoration and one that can be kept afterwards as a memento of the day, although you would need some perseverance to fold 1000 of them!

There are bouquets, invitations and save the date cards, wedding cake toppers, table decorations and even instructions online to make your own 3D heart confetti!

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