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Wedding Trends – Black and White Weddings

//Wedding Trends – Black and White Weddings
Wedding Trends – Black and White Weddings 2016-11-25T14:35:39+00:00

Wedding Trends - Black and WhiteLooking ahead to the wedding trends for 2014, it seems that a key buzzword will be ‘elegance’ and with this idea in mind, black and white with a hint of sparkle will be a popular theme.  Given that the bride is usually in white (although that’s another trend coming down the line that might be changing – but more on that on another day!), bridesmaids in black with a hint of white or a touch of sparkle will make for the perfect combination.

This is a theme that is easily carried over the rest of the wedding day with cakes and table decorations lending themselves to this simple understated theme. To add a little sparkle, you can add crystal / glass themed accessories (which always look particularly lovely by candle light in the evening) or subtle streaks of silver.  However, if all this is a little monochromatic for your taste, then you can always consider adding a pop of a bold accent colour – anything will match so pick your favourite – red, fuschia pink, teal – all are set off beautifully by the neutral black and white background.

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