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Wedding Trends – More Button Bouquets

//Wedding Trends – More Button Bouquets
Wedding Trends – More Button Bouquets 2016-11-25T14:35:39+00:00

Wedding Trends - Button BouquetsLast year, I was looking at wedding trends for 2013 and one thing that kept recurring was the idea of button bouquets.  So in my first wedding of the year at the Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead (with plenty of snow on the ground), the bride had decided to be right on trend and combined foam roses and vintage style buttons and brooches to create an everlasting bouquet.  It really was gorgeous and sparkled just as much as she did. There seems to be a lot more that feature other items as well as buttons such as vintage brooches and jewellery as well as the sweetest range of fabric flowers in silk, organza and felt.

Anyway, with my interest rekindled, I went back to having a look around to see what was available and the range has indeed grown since I looked last – with a huge amount of variations in designs, themes and prices. Some of them were so gorgeous that I just had to add them to my Pinterest board, there’s quite a few there that I would love to own despite the fact that I’m not actually getting married.  I’d just line them up and keep looking at them.

Obviously they can cost more than the average flower bouquet but considering the materials involved (and some of them are covered in vintage brooches and earrings), I don’t think they are actually expensive for what you are getting.  I’ve also tracked down a few on Etsy which I think are really incredible value, OK they feature felt and silk flowers as well as the other buttons and embellishments but they are still very lovely and at under £100, I think they are hard to beat and great if you are working to a tight budget.  And if you can bear to part with them after your wedding, they do seem to have a resale value which a bunch of dead flowers most definitely does not.

Of course if you are feeling creative, I can imagine that they would be a great deal of fun to shop for and put together yourself and I’ve included some tutorials on my Pinterest board – it always amazes me how generous people can be in giving away free instructions for something that they could probably charge money to sell you. You would definitely find stuff on eBay but I think that can be quite expensive these days so I reckon that trawling car boot fairs when the season starts up again might well yield you huge amounts of costume jewellery to play with – and it can be broken or mismatched and still work well.  In fact, just the thought of it gets my creative juices flowing, it is such a pity I’m already married.  Well, you know what I mean…

One newer idea that I came across during my searches this time is the button buttonhole (which looks really strange when you write it down), but it is a lovely idea that the boys could have matching buttonholes and as these are so much smaller, the ones I saw were very reasonably priced.  I guess with some of the more crystal and diamante bouquets matching buttonholes might look a bit too feminine, but I did see some lovely semi-macho button ones.

Anyway, the link to the button bouquet is below – browse and enjoy!

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