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Wedding Trends - Wedding Chair DecorWedding chairs actually form a large part of your wedding decor, especially if you are having the ceremony and reception in the same venue as most commonly they will be the seating for your guests during your wedding ceremony and then transferred to your wedding breakfast room.  They will be in everyone’s eye-line and in a great deal of photographs so it is worth giving some thought as to how you would like them to look.  Many venues that host weddings will also host conferences and use the same chairs for both which means that the chairs can look a little ‘corporate’ which is not necessarily a look that is great for your wedding ceremony and reception which is, after all, the most personal of events.

In order to overcome this, some venues will provide you with chair covers and if they don’t there are lots of places that you can hire them from, along with coloured chiffon sashes that you can add in order to match the chairs to your wedding colour scheme.  It certainly gives uniformity to the chairs, makes them look a great deal more wedding-y and of course hides any chairs that maybe don’t really make the grade in terms of appearance themselves.

However, there are lots of other ideas that you can play with in terms of your wedding seating – here’s the five top unique and different ideas for 2013.

1. Go Regal!  David and Victoria Beckham really pioneered the whole throne thing but you have to admit, it certainly does make a splash and I can’t think of many other days when you would be able to get away with it.  Lots of companies hire them out for just such occasions and there are all sorts, from modern art styled through the traditional gold and red and some along historical and medieval themes.

2. Look for Signs – an increasingly common tradition is to personalise the chairs of the bride and groom with signs of all sorts.  There is wedding bunting to spell our Mr & Mrs, wreaths, wire, and wooden with all sorts of sayings and labels.  I think my personal favourite has to be ‘Mr Right’ for the groom and ‘Mrs Always Right’ for the bride!

3. Ribbons & Streamers – instead of covering the whole chair, one DIY trend is to tie ribbons to the top of the chair backs.  These would look particularly gorgeous in an outdoor wedding where they would flow in the breeze

4. Add Flowers & Sparkles – if you have chair covers to hide imperfect or conference styled seating, there is no reason why you can’t glam them up but adding the traditional coloured sashes and also flowers to tie with your wedding theme, or sparkling sash accessories – vintage brooches sourced from charity shops and car boot sales would be a great way of adding glamour without breaking the bank.

5. Don’t Match at All!  One of the key wedding trends this year year is mismatching – of place settings, bridesmaids dresses and favours, so why not mismatch your chairs as well.  Borrow from friends and family to create a vintage and rustic feel that has a charm all of its own.  And if you want to really ring the changes, why not opt for covered hay bales (OK this would probably only really suit an outdoor or barn wedding, most venues might object to them being indoors), sofas, beanbags and giant floor cushions.

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