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Wedding Trends - Rustic WeddingsNow here’s for two very obvious facts – weddings are expensive and the economy (and therefore lots of people’s pockets) haven’t been doing too well over recent years.  Well I said they were obvious facts didn’t it?  But they are key to at least one wedding trend for 2013 in that they have combined to make people think really carefully about how they are spending their money.  The 80’s and 90’s conspicuous consumption idea seems to have largely been phased out not in favour of being miserly with weddings but in spending money on things that offer real value, are sustainably made and best of all can be enjoyed after the wedding.

Added to this, there has been a return of the ‘make do and mend’ attitude and home crafting, so DIY wedding accessories have never been so popular (visit the wedding section in a well known craft superstore on a weekend and you’ll be left in no doubt!).  So all of this leads to the popularity of the Rustic Wedding Theme in all its natural, eco-chic glory.

To create a rustic themed wedding, just think about natural, sustainable materials and about creating all the decorative aspects of your wedding in formats that mean that they can be enjoyed after the wedding – some examples might include…

  • living centrepieces that can take pride of place in your garden – in window boxes, planted in watering cans or pails, or just replanted into your garden to thrive
  • living favours, herbs, seeds or ornaments that will remind your guests of your wedding in months and even years to come
  • A picture or plaque that your guests can sign with their good wishes that can be displayed proudly on the wall of your home
  • Handmade items, bought from UK retailers with good eco-credentials – unique and special to you. Even better if they can be used in your home afterwards, for example, bunting that can be hung at parties and special occasions…
  • DIY decorations and flower arrangements – the best thing is that they look even better if they are not all identical and perfect, that’s what gives them their character.  Dress up jam jars and fill them with country flowers and watch the sparkle by tealights in the evening…

Of course with all this time and effort that you’ve put into creating your perfect look, you’ll want to make sure you hire a professional photographer to capture it all (well I had to get photography a mention in here somewhere!) – check out my wedding photography packages here

I’ve put together a Pinterest board, with some of my favourite ideas to inspire you  – enjoy…

Pinterest Rustic Wedding Ideas Board Here