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Wedding Trends – Rainbow Palette

//Wedding Trends – Rainbow Palette
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Wedding Trends - Rainbow PaletteWedding and pastel shades have gone together since time immemorial but the last few years have seen an increase in brighter colour palettes.  2014 is predicted to take this is a step further with a trend for rainbow weddings – after all why pick one colour when you can have them all?  It wouldn’t be something that every couple could get on board with but there is something about the hope and optimism that a rainbow represents that ties in so perfectly with the emotions at a wedding that makes me wonder why it hasn’t always been more popular.

Depending on your level of confidence, you could arrange for a full on multicolour feast for the eyes or take the theme at a more subtle levels, adding rainbow shoes with your more traditional white dress or rainbow socks for your groomsmen.  Another option if you like the idea of a rainbow wedding but lack the confidence to go all out, is to use the rainbow palette in more muted shades – taking red to either burgundy or pink, orange to terracotta or peach and so on.

One of the other key fashions in terms of weddings is non-uniformity whether this be in your bridesmaid outfits, table decorations, flowers, whatever really. Choosing a rainbow theme makes this almost happen by design, you could give each of your bridesmaids one of the ROYGBIV colours, or even each of your wedding breakfast tables.   It’s easy to choose how far you take the theme in call cases.  For example, you could to dress your bridesmaids in their colour or, if you want to keep the effect more subtle, just add flowers and shoes in their colour and keep the dresses more neutral.  So you don’t have to shy away from the idea of a rainbow colour palette because you feel all that colour could be very overwhelming, just adding accents can work just as well.  On the other hand, if you think the more colour the better, you have a real opportunity to indulge yourself.

I think the rainbow really sparkles when applied to your venue decorations and wedding breakfast tables.  You can just imagine the impact of a room filled with all those bright colours would have on your guests.  The simplicity and fun of the rainbow theme lends itself to bunting, balloons and streamers in every  corner, rainbow dessert or sweet buffet, even a multicoloured rainbow cake.  Rainbow umbrellas and bunches of balloons would make fabulous photographic props, and just the general explosion of colour really would look fantastic in your finished wedding photographs.

Don’t forget to incorporate a little gold into your colour palette as well, to represent the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is your married life after your wedding day is over.

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