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A maternity or pregnancy photography session in the studio is a lovely way to capture your new shape and celebrate your impending new arrival.  While it is a fairly new style of portrait photography, it has already gathered quite a following over the years with lots of mums-to-be getting into the studio to create images of their bump that they can treasure long after it has gone.


One of the things however I do find when I talk to pregnant mums is some of them do shy away from the idea of maternity photography as they feel that it will invariably involve some nudity – I guess we have the pioneer Demi Moore to thank for that.  Whilst I think some of the nude or implied nude photos are beautiful and I’m happy to shoot them, I can also completely understand how they aren’t for everyone.  So I’d like to say, that as with all of my photography, I don’t limit us to one style so you can choose how you would like to capture your pregnancy memories.  If you want to celebrate your bump in all its naked glory, great – I’ll make sure you look fantastic.  If you like the idea of taking clothed shots and may be incorporating some of my very cute baby props, that’s fine too. If it’s not your first baby and you want to involve the big brothers and sisters in waiting – not a problem.   If you’d like to mix and match all of the above into one session, go for it…

I offer two maternity portrait packages for you to choose from.

Pregnancy Progressions

Maternity Progressions Photo Shoot Sussex

This very special pregnancy photography package is actually a series of photo shoots in the studio.  You visit the studio each month from 4 months pregnant, through to 8 months.  At each mini session (usually around 10 – 15 minutes long), we create then replicate the same shot to show how your shape changes over time and your baby grows.  At your 8 month session, we expand the shoot to a standard maternity photo shoot where we can create a set of images in a variety of styles.  Then at the end of the series, you will receive a canvas (sized at 24″ x 10″) of the finished pregnancy progressions panoramic plus a social media friendly digital copy of the image.  £195

Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Maternity Portrait in East Grinstead Sussex

This is a single session where have my warm and cosy studio for an hour to create images of your pregnancy in a variety of styles to allow you to look back and remember the time just as you’d like to. I recommend that you schedule this for around 36 – 38 weeks.  A maternity session includes your five favourite digital images that you can download, print and share as often as you’d like to and costs £95.

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