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Newborn Photos in the Studio

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Newborn Photos in the Studio

This is Noah visiting for his newborn photos, also affectionately known as Monkey Nut.  This is because, at a very early scan, this is the term that the sonographer used to point him out to his mum and dad and the nickname kind of stuck throughout his time while he was a bump.

So here he is in the studio pictured with his nickname in Scrabble tiles and of course with a monkey friend giving him a little cuddle as he snoozes.  I keep a bag of wooden Scrabble tiles in the studio as well as a couple of sets of alphabet blocks so we can usually make up names and nicknames – the Scrabble tiles are ideal for longer words and phrases. Just don’t pick anything with two Z’s in it (that’s an incredibly good Scrabble joke if you don’t play it yourself!).

He had a good long sleep for his session so we had time to work with the props and accessories that his mum and dad brought along with them as well as a few of my bits and pieces.  Then he was in a more wide awake mood so we got the opportunity to get some good ‘eyes open’ shots as well – best of both worlds!

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