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Wedding Photography at Arundel Town Hall

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Wedding Photography at Arundel Town Hall

Sarah and David were holding their wedding in the beautiful and historic town of Arundel and they had chosen the most stunning church in which to have their ceremony – the 14th century St Nicholas.  In fact, it is so beautiful in there that there was a queue of tourists patiently waiting outside the church for the wedding to finish so they could go in and explore it, so the bride and groom had a little welcoming party waiting outside as they exited as man and wife.  During conversation with the vicar before the service, the tourists aren’t the only visitors.  They have a resident colony of bats that have made the church their home over the altar!  I couldn’t see any but he said they would be up there as unofficial witnesses to the festivities.

After the ceremony, we made our way the short distance down the hill to the lovely Arundel Town Hall.  The reception room looked lovely and the adjacent rooftop terrace provided the guests with stunning views of the countryside whilst they enjoyed their reception drinks while the barbecue sizzled below.  A beautiful setting both for couple portraits on the staircase and in the vaulted lobby as well as the largest group shots on the terrace itself.

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