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If you have a first birthday coming up, then you’ll know what an important milestone that is to celebrate.  Mark the occasion with a first birthday Cake Smash and Tub Splash photo shoot at my studio in Crawley Down (near East Grinstead in West Sussex)

It’s my twist on the popular cake smash photo shoot, with the addition of a clean up session after the cake has been smashed – choose from either my vintage tin tub or my miniature white roll top bath (complete with lots of warm water and bubbles of course!)  Great fun images to create and memories to treasure.

The Cake Smash and Splash Photo Shoot is a craze that swept the USA over the last decade and now it’s just as big over here in leafy Sussex.  If you’ve never heard of it before, basically it does exactly what it says on the tin.  You bring along a birthday cake and let your little one just rip into it.   It’s really more of a messy play opportunity than it is an actual feeding activity as not a lot of the cake tends to get eaten (although there have been some exceptions to this!).

Then after the stickiness is over, it’s time to splash in one of my baby sized baths filled with lots of bubbles and warm water to have some bathtime fun, get more great photos and get cleaned up at the same time.

There’s a choice of backdrops, bunting and tub splash accessory sets so you can create the perfect set of photos for you.

We begin with a normal clean photo shoot, capturing your one year old just as they are and perhaps with some of my first birthday props (with of course anything that you would like to include) then we move on to the Smash and Splash part.  Of course, you can choose to Cake Smash and not Tub Splash or vice versa – it’s a very versatile session designed to give you a fantastic set of images that capture your baby having the maximum amount of fun.

  • Clean Shoot for your Baby and You before the Fun Starts

  • Cake Smash for Messy Birthday Fun

  • Tub Splash for Great Photos and a Clean Baby to take home!

  • Cake Smash Photo Shoots East Grinstead
  • Cake Smash Photos East Grinstead (4)
  • Cake Smash Photo Shoots East Grinstead
  • Cake Smash Photos East Grinstead (4)
  • Cake Smash Photos East Grinstead (4)
  • Cake Smash Photo Shoots East Grinstead
  • Cake Smash Photos East Grinstead (1)
  • Cake Smash Photos East Grinstead (1)
Cake Smash Photos Gallery

A first birthday smash and splash photo session includes access to all the props, backdrops and accessories and also your three favourite digital images to download, print and share as much as you would like.  The cost for this is £95.  You are welcome to purchase additional images, either in digital, print, or canvas form from your online gallery but there is no viewing session or high pressure sales meeting to endure.  You simply view and order your images from your private online gallery.  No pressure – just amazing first birthday images and memories.

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Cake Smash Photo Shoots Crawley Down East Grinstead

The Cake Smash

Basically, this is exactly what you would expect – you place a birthday cake in reach of your curious little one and let them explore for themselves – think messy play rather than lunch as it is more about smearing than it is about eating!

You bring along a birthday cake to your session.  I don’t provide the cake here but, if you are looking for a professionally made cake, I work with Just Smash Cakes who create you a cake to match your colour scheme and deliver it to the studio so it is waiting for you when your session starts.   However, you’re welcoem to bring along a home made or shop bought cake too – you can be as simple or as elaborate as you like!

Anything your baby is wearing whilst exploring their cake is obviously likely to get messy so some people choose to just have them smash in a nappy (and I’d definitely recommend either a nappy cover or swim nappy for this as they look better in the finished images).  However, it’s totally up to you – smash in a fancy dress, first birthday outfit, plain vest, whatever works for you. When the cake has well and truly been smashed, we have a quick pause to reset the studio and then it’s time to get cleaned up in the bath.

Cake Smash Photo Shoots Crawley Down East Grinstead

The Tub Splash

The tub splash serves two purposes – firstly, you get great shots of your baby playing in the bubbles and enjoying the warm water and secondly, you get to take home a far less sticky baby! Everyone’s a winner…

I have a choice of two tubs for this section of the photo shoot – a rustic styled tin tub and a modern and super cute miniature white roll top bath – whichever you prefer.  There’s also a choice of accessory sets to accompany this part of the photo shoot from vintage florals, to a giant rubber duck.  You’re welcome to use these to design your perfect bathtime images or bring along your own items to include.

Once you’ve chosen we top it up with warm water and get everything ready for bath time.  For this part of the session, you just need to bring along some bubble bath (the more bubbles the better in my opinion), a flannel and a towel.  If you have favourite bath toys you would like to include then by all means bring them along – the more the merrier.  I have a bubble machine here if we want bubbles in the air as well as in the bath.  Then we let the splashy fun commence and capture the action while getting clean at the same time – multi-tasking at its finest!

Fun Session with No Sales Appointment

As with all of my photography, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.  You have enough on your hands!  So you simply view and order your images from the comfort of your private online gallery where you are welcome to purchase additional prints, digital images or canvases if you would like to.

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Backdrop Choices

I have a range of interchangeable backdrops that you can choose from for your cake smash photo shoot to create the look that you want for your finished images plus match your chosen colour scheme.  You can choose before you come, or we can make all the decisions on the day – they only take a second to swap over.

Tub Splash Accessory Choices

As well as choosing whether you would like to use my rustic tin tub or miniature roll top bath for your tub splash, you can also select from my accessory range to add into your photo shoot.   Here’s a peek at what is on offer – you can use a complete set, mix and match or bring along your own items.

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I specialise in providing cake smash and tub splash first birthday photo shoots from my studio in Crawley Down, near East Grinstead, in West Sussex.  Celebrate and smile with a smash the cake photo shoot.   Book in if you’re looking for a photo shoot in Sussex, Surrey, Kent or London.