Baby Photography Club – 4 Months Old

/Baby Photography Club – 4 Months Old

Baby Photography Club – 4 Months Old

Seraphina wasn’t entirely sure about being in the studio despite having been twice before – OK, one of those was as a bump for her mum’s maternity photography so you might be picky and say that this one doesn’t count.  And the next one was when she was just a few days old for her newborn photography, so you could make a case for that one not really counting either.  Plus, she only four months old so she is still finding a lot of things a bit unsettling given she hasn’t had many experiences at all yet.  Right, well now I look at it, she had a point about not being sure about the photos or me.

Anyway, where I was going with that was we soon managed to make friends and get her relaxed enough to favour us with some smiles and giggles.  She gave us some serious looks too but I actually find those just as charming.  She was, of course, happiest when she had a good friend with her – well who isn’t? You can see Nut Brown Hare there, giving a little cheeky wave to camera whilst providing reassurance to our smiling girl.

She’ll be back at eight months old for her second session and then finally again around her first birthday, along with the Hare I hope.  By then, I’m confident we will be good buddies!

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