Classic Child Portraiture – West Sussex

/Classic Child Portraiture – West Sussex

Classic Child Portraiture – West Sussex

Madeleine’s parents realised that their daughter was growing up really fast and so they wanted to get some professional photos of her that really captured her at the age she is now.  It was my pleasure to provide them with a set of images that they loved because they were so different to those that they had taken at home or out on family trips and holidays.

Like most of us, all the family snapshots are smiling photos that focus on the location as much as the child themselves. Smiling in photographs is a relatively new phenomenon and although I love a big smile in photos, it is quite hard to smile on command in the studio.  I’m sure you have asked a child to smile or say cheese for a picture and been confronted with a toothy expression that is nothing like their normal cheeky grin (by the by, this also happens if you ask my Dad to smile for a picture – most peculiar).

So sometimes in the studio, it is nice to move the focus away from smiling and capture your child at their natural best – this doesn’t mean that the session is serious or boring, if smiles happen along the way then I am there to capture them.  The resulting images have a natural and timeless beauty that you will be pleased to hang on your wall and admire for all the years to come as your little one grows up.

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