Couples Portrait – Photo Booth Style

/Couples Portrait – Photo Booth Style

Couples Portrait – Photo Booth Style

So I wCouples Portraits Photo Booth Styleas feeling a bit retro the other day when I was photo shoot planning.  I was remembering when I was young and that you knew you were ‘getting serious’ with your boyfriend if you visited a photo booth together.  I guess since digital cameras and mobile phones that these days are gone but there was something a bit charming about this.  You both squished into the tiny space (which if I’m honest was part of the fun) and generally pulled four silly faces and then waited with excitement to see your photos come out of the machine five minutes later.  Then you had to walk around waving them in the air for the next ten in order that they dry properly! OK, so I’m aging myself there 🙂

Anyway, next chance I got with this fabulously fun couple – Marc and Gemma – we decided to recreate things a little.  One chair, two people and of course the obligatory kiss shot.  We also had a little play around with some bright and colourful photo booth props just for fun.  Would also make a lovely theme for an engagement session that could be used at your wedding alongside your own DIY or professional photo booth.

Not all couples photos have to be serious and it’s a great addition to a couples portrait session to sit alongside more traditional pictures.  I just love the results – so cute!


Couples Portraits Photo Booth Style




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