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Baby Megan was something of a wonderful surprise in the studio as she was one of those very rare babies that arrived sleeping and stayed that way throughout her session!  Well, she did wake up to have a quick meal after we had finished taking a LOT of photographs of her on her own but then swiftly fell back into the Land of Nod in time for her first official family pictures.  Not that I mind when babies don’t settle, it is a perfectly normal part of the session and I can chat with parents during feeding breaks, and bounce and rock as required until they drift off with no problems at all.  Still she was an awful lot of fun and I couldn’t resist taking full advantage of the situation as we dressed her up in beautiful tutus (obviously with matching accessories as she is a lady after all!), gently moved her around and changed the backdrops to my heart’s content.

She will come back to visit me over the year for her Joey Club baby photography sessions and whilst I’m pretty sure that at 4, 8 and 12 months she will be wide awake and bushy tailed, I’m looking forward to discovering the colour of her eyes!

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