Fairy FAQs2019-04-02T09:17:29+01:00
How do we order the digital image that is included in our session2019-01-29T17:09:50+01:00

To select the digital images that is already simply add the image to your favourites list and choose ‘Share with Photographer’

What’s the Minimum Age for Fairies in the Forest Studio?2017-03-08T18:24:05+01:00

The minimum age that is suitable for visiting our Enchanted Forest studio is three years old.

There are a few reasons for this.  Much younger than this and children are not usually able to understand the concept of the Forest or indeed posing for photographs.  Some very young fairies can even find the Forest a little intimidating as they can’t buy into the fairy stories that go along with it and they don’t want to sit for their photos.  Also, by this age, your child is able to understand some level of simple and child friendly instructions which are important both for getting the photographs that you want and also for their own safety (for example, don’t eat that!). Last but not least, our costumes are designed to fit a certain age range and we don’t have much choice in very tiny costumes.  Of course if you have a very small three year old, please just get in touch and we will make sure we have dresses that we can offer you.

What Format are the Digital Images included in the Session Price?2014-06-18T13:08:30+01:00

Your session fee of £25 includes your choice of your favourite digital image from your finished image gallery.  These images will be in JPG format, sized at 9 x 6″ at 240 ppi.

How do we Order and Receive our Digital Image?2019-01-29T17:16:41+01:00

Approximately a week after your session, you will receive an email with a link and a password to your finished private online image gallery.  You simply follow the link and enter your password to view your images.  To let me know the image you would like that is included in your package, just add it to your favourites list and share it with me.

Any more that you would like (all the prices are online), you can order directly from your gallery just as you would any other ‘add to shopping basket’ type experience.

You will then receive a second email when your images are available for download.

How Much Does it Cost for a Fairy Experience?2019-01-29T17:23:19+01:00

An Enchanted Forest session includes

  • Access to handmade costumes, accessories & props
  • Plenty of photography time in the Forest
  • Collection of hand finished digital images in your private online gallery (no sales or viewing process)
  • Your favourite image for download so you can view, share and print for yourself
  • Plenty of Enchanted Forest stories, magic and sparkle!


Our Photography Terms2019-01-29T17:28:06+01:00

Your booking is accepted subject to our bookings and photography terms

The Enchanted Forest is a trading brand of Sarah Fisher Photography and such, we also have generic company terms and conditions which are applicable to all our photography sessions. It may seem like a lot but they are very standard typical business terms that protect our business if needed and necessary in the modern-day world 🙂

Click here for our:

General Photography Terms

Do you sell Prints or Digital Images ?2019-01-29T17:32:28+01:00

When you book a session in the Forest, you already receive one digital image that you select from your finished image gallery.  You are welcome to purchase additional digital images or we also offer a full range of prints, frames and canvases that you can also order from your online gallery if you would like to.  There is no viewing session or sales process for you to sit through, you can simply order online from the comfort of your own home.

Can I bring more than one child ?2013-12-04T21:24:22+01:00

Yes, you can bring along up to two siblings (we regret that you can’t share a session with other children outside the family). Siblings will be photographed both separately and together in the Forest.

Is the Forest Safe ?2013-12-04T21:23:23+01:00

We have created our Forest to be as safe as possible and tested it with lots of fairies of varying ages. We always explain to fairies before a session that it is important that we move carefully within the forest and that running and jumping is not allowed as it upsets our fairy friends. We would never ask your little one to sit or stand anywhere that you or they are not comfortable with but we ask that you are present at all times and encourage your child to follow direction whilst discouraging from dismantling or eating their surroundings!  This is one of the reasons that the Forest is only open to little girls aged three and up.

Does your Forest go ‘On the Road ?2013-12-04T21:22:26+01:00

No – sorry, we know that there are some fairy photographers who attend road-shows and children’s events but our Forest is much larger and complex than the ones that you see at these events so we would not be able to move it round the country even if we could muster the stamina to do so. So we replant it three times a year in our studio which is in Crawley Down which is between East Grinstead, Copthorne and Crawley in West Sussex.

Can I use my phone/camera in the studio ?2013-12-04T21:21:52+01:00

Sorry no, absolutely not!

We don’t allow any videography or photography inside the studio.  We would like you to turn off your phone (or at least switch it onto silent) so you and your little fairy are not distracted during the session and can really enjoy the experience. If caught recording or photographing the session, you will be asked to leave and the session will be terminated without refund.  All in all, that’s a horrible situation for us all to be in so please respect our copyright.

How many pictures do you take ?2013-12-04T21:21:03+01:00

It can vary depending on the fairy involved, but we aim to take the very best from your session in order to provide you with approximately 15-20 images sprinkled with fairy digital magic to create the highest quality pictures from which you can make your selection. The key here is on quality not quantity, we will work through a number of settings and poses to ensure that there are plenty of images to select your final five digital images from (those are already included in your session fee), plus plenty more if you’d like to buy them or add any canvases or framed products to your order

How do we order/select our Images if I want a Frame or Canvas ?2019-01-29T17:51:22+01:00

You can place your order directly from your online image gallery – simply add anything to your basket and check out as you would with any other online shopping transaction.

How do we see the photos ?2013-12-04T21:18:41+01:00

About one week after your session (although this can vary over peak periods so you will be advised at your session what the expected waiting time will be), you will receive a link to your online gallery. Here you can view your images, so you that you can select the five digital images that are included in your session price and also order any additional digital images or select prints / frames / canvases.  There is no viewing meeting or sales process to go through, simply select what you would like online from the comfort of your own home.

What happens if my child is ill ?2013-12-04T21:17:12+01:00

These things happen, so if your child is unable to make the session due to illness or emergency, please just let us know as soon as possible by calling the studio on 01342 716393 or email info@TheEnchantedForest.co.uk and you are of course invited to rebook for a later date.

How long is a session ?2013-12-04T21:16:23+01:00

A session is scheduled for one hour to give you and your child time to relax, select their fairy outfit, and of course spend time in the Forest capturing some beautiful images.  We may not use all of this time but booking for an hour ensures that you are not rushed.

We will work through a number of settings and poses to ensure that there are plenty of images to select your final five images (that are already included in your session price) and any canvas/frame presentation from.

Do I need an appointment ?2013-12-04T21:15:51+01:00

Yes, we welcome all fairies but because of our other studio commitments we need to know when you are coming, so the Forest is ready.  You can view the online calendar to choose your appointment time, and book and pay online by clicking on this link,site or simply call 01342 716393 during office hours (Tuesday to Saturday) to make a booking. We are not always available to take your call as we are often in the studio, but please feel free to leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Who is the Forest for ?2013-12-04T21:14:36+01:00

Fairies of all ages from three onwards are very welcome to visit, but the Forest is particularly perfect for girls between 3 and 8 years for whom we have plenty of costumes and props.  However, if your fairy is over this age range, you may need to bring your own costume and accessories.  Of course, just give me a call to discuss any special requirements or send an email to info@SarahFisherPhotography.co.uk

We regret that we don’t accept booking for children under the age of three years old for a few reasons. Firstly under this age, they are unlikely to be able to participate fully in the experience and some very small children can even find the Forest a little intimidating as they don’t understand what they are there for.  We also need to be sure that your child is of an age where they can follow simple instructions on where to sit and what not to eat in order that they enjoy their session, can create great images and more importantly stay safe.

Can I bring other people along to the session ?2013-12-04T21:13:57+01:00

Our studio is quite small and there is not a lot of keep other people (especially small folk who are not being fairies) amused so we recommend that you just bring along the fairy herself and leave any siblings in the charge of someone else (someone you trust obviously, we are not recommending child abandonment!)

There is space for one adult to join us in the Forest, as long as you don’t mind sitting on the grass, but you can enjoy more comfortable seating in our waiting area and still see everything that is going on in the next room.  We do ask that you keep distractions in the Forest to a minimum so your child can concentrate and immerse themselves in the experience.

We can accommodate two siblings together in the Forest but please let us know at the time of booking.  We will shoot them both individually and together in this case.  Regrettably, you cannot bring children from outside the family to share in a session.

What should I bring to the session ?2013-12-04T21:11:05+01:00

Essentially, you don’t need to bring anything to the session apart from the fairy. You will have access to our range of unique handmade dresses, props and accessories and fairies will be barefoot when they go into the Forest.  Our fairies tend to look best with their hair down and natural so the only think you might want to bring along is a hairbrush.