Family Photos in the Studio – Crawley Down

/Family Photos in the Studio – Crawley Down

Family Photos in the Studio – Crawley Down

Family Photo Shoot in East Grinstead
Family Photo Shoot in East Grinstead
Family Photo Shoot in East Grinstead

This family photo shoot was a present from the grandmother of the adorable little chap in the pictures.  Initially she had wanted to book in for the Christmas photo shoot event but unfortunately had found out it a bit too late and missed the chance to book.  So she treated her daughter and grandson to a family photo shoot instead – with a Christmas jumper thrown in for extra festive flair!

So we made the most of the session getting some pictures of mum and son together as well as some of the little lad on his own with a little Santa hat and a reindeer along with my snowflake background to really add some Christmas magic and sparkle. Then we simply focused on capturing this little boy at his natural best.  At 17 months old, he’s not of an age where he can take much direction and anyone who’s ever met a kid that age will tell you that they’re pretty much going to do what they feel like doing at any given moment!

So in the studio, I shoot fast to capture as many images as possible before the novelty of the studio wears off. I set up a space for them with something to provide a little focus – such as a chair or a footstool and then we work with gentle encouragement to explore it and nursery rhyme singing / cheering / general silliness to provide the expression.

A family photo shoot includes five digital images and costs £95. You’re welcome to purchase additional images if you would like to but there’s no sales or viewing session to attend – you simply view and order your pictures from your private online gallery.

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