Family Portraiture in my East Grinstead Studio

/Family Portraiture in my East Grinstead Studio

Family Portraiture in my East Grinstead Studio

These siblings came to visit to create a gift for their mum’s 50th birthday – apparently she has been keen on getting some photos of them all together for a while but Abbey and I met when we were taking photos of her newborn baby James (yep, she actually does have a baby that’s a month old – that’s pretty hard to believe looking at her isn’t it?) and so she grabbed her brothers and booked in for a session.

I have to say that her brothers were a little bit unsure of the whole thing when they arrived at the studio, but we soon has them working wonderfully in front of the camera.  Studio photography can seem a bit intimidating for most people actually, but I’m pretty relaxed and you don’t need to have any experience at all.  I can talk you through all the poses down to the fine detail to make sure you look fab and even have a bit of fun along the way.

We had a great mix and match session – so family groups and some solo ones, some on a light background and some against a dark background, some colour and some black and white – in order that their mum would have the best selection to pick from.  I reckon she’s going to be thrilled come her birthday!

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