Fine Art Children’s Portraits – East Grinstead

/Fine Art Children’s Portraits – East Grinstead

Fine Art Children’s Portraits – East Grinstead

It’s not that I don’t enjoy photography newborns and babies.  I really do – absolutely love it. However, having Lauren in the studio was a welcome change of pace and I’m so excited to share just a couple of my favourite images from the session.  Lauren received her portrait session as a gift from her mum and the idea was to both get some fabulous images of her as well as to create some update images for her growing model portfolio.  She also opted to have her makeup done by me at the studio as there are a few tricks of the trade to applying it so it works photographically which make  it a little different to what you would do for normal day to day wear.

She brought along a selection of outfits, from relaxed and casual white jeans and daisy dukes to the more formal ones pictured here.  It is always good to bring along a mix of clothes and accessories, even if you aren’t sure that they will work in the studio as we can go through everything and put together the best outfits from all the available options.  As always, I enjoyed the opportunity to get out the wind machine and she ‘worked it’ like a professional model.

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