First Birthday Cake Smash and Photo Shoot

/First Birthday Cake Smash and Photo Shoot

First Birthday Cake Smash and Photo Shoot

This is the very adorable Rosa who came to visit the studio to celebrate her first birthday in style with a special photo shoot plus a cake smash.  It’s a great way to celebrate and she certainly did it in style with some gorgeous outfits – including a very special pink cake smash tutu.

I have to let you into a secret though – it actually took a separate session to get the cake smash shots as the unthinkable happened in the first one – Rosa decided that she didn’t like cake!  I know, it was a great shock for me too.  Luckily for us, babies are changeable souls so we just scheduled a quick session for the next morning and after some initial resistance to her beautiful giant cupcake, I’m glad to say we welcomed her into the cake club.  Phew – that was close!


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