Joey Club – Baby Girl, Isla, Aged 4 Months

/Joey Club – Baby Girl, Isla, Aged 4 Months

Joey Club – Baby Girl, Isla, Aged 4 Months

Here is Isla and she was in the studio with her mum and dad for her first Joey Club session aged four months old.  She had already been to see me once for her newborn photography but since then, her parents had moved away to Kent so it was quite a long trip for a little person to make.  Travelling certainly didn’t phase her and we had a wonderful time helped along that her mum and dad had really planned their visit and brought along a fabulous set of accessories, outfits, toys and sentimental items to include.  I just love the one with the sign that reads “Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are”, it really adds a special and personal touch to the photo.

Of course I have a good range of props and accessories that you have access to when you visit but, to my mind, there’s nothing more lovely than including your own items and outfits to really make the session unique and special to you.  If you’re not sure if an item will work then you can always get in touch and I’m happy to talk it over with you or you can just bring it along and we can make up our minds together on the day.

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