Kerry & Rob’s Wedding at Hotel Du Vin Brighton

/Kerry & Rob’s Wedding at Hotel Du Vin Brighton

Kerry & Rob’s Wedding at Hotel Du Vin Brighton

Kerry and Rob’s wedding was forecast to be on a rainy day but boy, were the weathermen (should that be weatherpeople?) wrong!  The sun was out and blazing which was just the icing on the seafront wedding cake.  I hadn’t worked at the Hotel Du Vin Brighton before and it certainly didn’t disappoint as a venue.

I started the day with Kerry and her girls in the hotel room where everyone was getting ready together.  With three little kids in the mix, it was a crazy time but filled with excitement and fun and I had a wonderful time being ‘one of the girls’.  We did make time for a few special shots with their daughter, matching her dress and shoes to her mum’s and giving her a chance to try on her mum’s dress. I love the idea that one day in the future, she can look at that picture and smile on her own wedding day.

The ceremony was held in the beautiful Dome room which is a stunning room by anyone’s standards. It is large and filled with natural light with a domed ceiling (hmm, I guess that isn’t a surprise given the name) that would be striking in its own right, but throw in the huge crystal chandelier and you really get a statement!  The ceremony was perfect, sprinkled with just the right amount of happy tears.  Afterwards, the atmosphere was relaxed and happy as everyone basked in the sunshine on the terrace, enjoying their drinks and catching up with friends and family.

The bar area with its overlooking balcony provided the perfect spot for the large group shot, and then we took some smaller groups out to the front of the hotel where the arched entrance made a great frame for them.  Then we had the most fun heading down to the beach with the bride and groom.  It was a bit like being famous actually, the happy couple actually got a round of applause from folks sat on the prom as they made their entrance and lots of people stopped to tell the bride how gorgeous she was and give them congratulations.  Granted there was a slightly less romantic moment when one couple had a blazing row right in front of us and I believe that the phrase ‘this is what marriage is really like’ was actually screamed by the wife at one point.  Quite funny though…  Prophecies of marital doom aside, it was a fab day and despite that fact I think I might have melted a little round the edges in the sunshine, the very best kind of wedding!


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