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/Maternity Photography with Sarah Fisher

Maternity Photography with Sarah Fisher

Jessica is due to turn her bump into a baby in just a few days time although she doesn’t look like it.  This will be her second baby and with her first, she regretted not capturing her temporary shape with a maternity photography session so, at the urging of her husband, this time she took the opportunity.  I’m so glad she did, as we had a lovely time creating all sorts of images from clothed, relaxed and cute through to some more ‘daring’ ones with a bare bump.

This can be quite a vulnerable time for a woman but you can always be sure that you are in a safe space in my warm and cosy studio so I’d always advise bringing along a set of matching underwear even if you don’t think you will use it – there’s never any pressure but you’ll be surprised at how relaxed and ‘brave’ you will feel once you start your session.  And if you’re worried about stretch marks, then don’t – they won’t be in the finished images.

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