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If you know a teen or pre-teen who just loves to be in front of the camera then these mini-model photo shoots could be the perfect gift or treat.

The emphasis is on relaxing, having fun and boosting confidence – the fact that you look so wonderful in the finished pictures, well that’s just a bonus!

An hour in the studio offers us the opportunity for three outfit changes and being your own stylist is part of the fun of getting ready for your shoot – creating three different looks to showcase your style from top to toe.

The emphasis is on confidence building and having fun in the studio, with age appropriate posing and lots of choices in backdrops and styles to create pretty much any looks that can be wished for.

A teen model experience shoot costs £95 including three digital images.  You’re welcome to order additional images in print, canvas or digital form but, unlike other studio model experiences, there’s no sales or viewing session to sit through with it’s attendant high pressure sales pitch.  Your images are viewed and selected through your private online gallery.

As I said earlier, the emphasis is on having fun and building confidence and I gently guide your young model through everything they need to do to get the best from their session – no experience is needed and lots of fun and giggles are included!

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