Baby Henry Number 1 in the studio last Tuesday afternoon.  I call him baby Henry Number 1, because the following Tuesday I had another baby Henry – like buses these Henrys!  Both gorgeous that’s for sure.  This Henry was awfully well behaved, waking up briefly for a couple of snack breaks but fast asleep and happy to play ball for the rest of it.

Apart from his name, he was very special in another way – he was the very first newborn to test out our brand new part of the studio.  Designed for fine art portraits and for boudoir / portfolio photography in terms of decor, it has a couple of other very special features.  Given that the decor doesn’t make any difference to our smallest visitors as they spend their time snuggled up on blankets on my extra large bean bag, the first great feature is our super comfy chaise longue – perfect for new mums and dads to relax on while the session is taking place.  The second feature is that it is super insulated and heated and so stays a lovely cosy and warm temperature that newborns just relax into.

Looking at the pictures, it does seem to meet with his approval!