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Newborn Baby Photography East Grinstead

This is baby Sophie, fast asleep in the studio for her first official photo shoot.  I wish I could say that she was like that throughout, but that would be a lie and honesty is very important to me!  She was a fully paid up member of the ‘Wide Awake Club’ for a great big portion of her session, not unhappy, not grumbling but definitely eyes wide open and not terribly interested in having her photograph taken.  Still, we kept the faith, we fed, we swung, we rocked, we bounced, we resorted to making bargains at one point, and eventually off she drifted.

So taking full advantage of her sleepy state, I grabbed as many shots as possible and ended up with a very full image set. Including one in a beautiful Santa hat perfect for a Christmas card and presents for the grandparents and other family members (well it is nearly Christmas.  Well it is October but have you seen the supermarkets?  They think its nearly Christmas so I am just going to jump on their bandwagon).

I feel that some parents can feel a bit stressed out when their baby won’t settle for a session but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  These newborn sessions are designed to be longer (I block out the studio for 3 and half hours) for exactly this reason.  No rush, no hassle, no stress, they sleep when they sleep, they feed when they feed and they wake when they wake.  Staying chilled is the key to success I always think – I have endless stores of bouncing / rocking / swinging / head stroking / blanket snuggling energy 🙂

Anyway, baby Sophie – newborn 0 – the combined efforts of three grown adults 1 !

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