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Newborn Family Photography in East Grinstead

One thing that I don’t often feature when I am talking about my newborn photography is the fact that I always leave some time at the end of the session to capture the new arrival with their proud parents.  OK, so not everybody opts to be part of the photography as they don’t always feel like they are looking their best and of course it’s not compulsory but I think it’s quite a nice end to the photography.  Don’t get me wrong, the main focus of a newborn photography shoot is the baby, as there is only a very limited amount of time in which to capture this precious time.  Still though, some simple and easy shots at the end of the session don’t add a lot of extra time and can also create just as special a memory of those early days together.

Or if you want to emphasise your family photography and capture some more art based shots, then just let me know and we simply expand that part of the session.  That’s the good thing about allowing a proper amount of time for each session – we can be flexible and devote some time to capturing those shots that are really important to you. I’d hate to work in a pressured environment such as a high street studio where the next customer is metaphorically banging on the door while you are still working.

So here is a gorgeous family that I’ve known for a while (I did their wedding a year or so ago) who visited the studio for their newborn photography with their lovely little boy James.  There are lots of gorgeous shots of their little man of course who was wonderful in his session but I love these family photos.  It would seem that, judging by the shot of the three of them together, that James is having a very good time with his Mum and Dad.

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