Baby William visited the studio with his mum and dad to capture those precious early weeks and he was a little cherub to work with.  We had lots of fun while he slept dressing him up in lots of different hats and outfits, snuggling him up to his first teddy and curling him up on a very special blanket that a very talented friend of the family knitted for him.

With slow and gentle transitions and long practiced hand, it’s quite possible to move a sleepy baby into all sorts of positions and poses without disturbing them at all – but only for their first couple of weeks.  After that, they are all ready to start engaging with their new world and they are much more easily disturbed. They also start to unfurl, which makes it harder to get those tucked in tummy positions.

It’s not impossible to get good results from a newborn photography session by any means but it does take a little more work and they are less likely to remain deeply in the land of nod for the duration.  Newborn sessions take up a lot of time, both in the studio and then afterwards in post production, and so I have to limit the amount that I take on during the course of a week.  So to guarantee a session in your baby’s first two weeks, then I’d definitely recommend booking while you are still pregnant.  How it works is, we book the session for your due date plus seven working days and then simply adjust the date to suit when your baby arrives.