Presenting baby Ariana, visiting for her newborn baby photo shoot – she was just the perfect little model and her mum and dad brought along some lovely items to personalise their session with which is always such a nice idea – I have lots of props and accessories in my stash but then it’s always nice to include your own special items.

Anyway, they added to their session the pretty headbands, her first teddies and the massively adorable knitted turtle outfit.  She slept wonderfully well with just a short snack and cuddle break so we had lots of time to try all different ideas.

Of course, every newborn is different and they all have their own way through the session – that’s why we book our sessions together for two hours so we can all your images in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere – it would be a horrible stress to have to rush knowing that someone could walk in off the high street at any minute! So simply, mum and dad get to relax in my warm (well very warm actually in the case of newborn portraits) and cosy studio on a supremely comfortable chaise. You can even nap if you like – wouldn’t be the first time! And we gently work through different poses, backdrops and ideas that your baby is comfortable and happy to achieve, pausing as required until we have a great set of images you are sure to treasure!