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/Newborn Photography in the Studio

Newborn Photography in the Studio

This is Amelia and in these pictures, she is sleeping like, well, a baby.  She did lead us a bit of a merry dance in getting her to this point but eventually, aided by a full tummy, a very warm room and lots of cuddles, she succumbed to the land of nod. OK, it took a while but I think it was all worth it when I look at the pictures of her at this very fleeting stage of her life.  Plus, that is why we schedule newborn sessions for two hours (and then I allow an extra hour before the next appointment so I am double sure that we don’t have to deal with any stress at all in terms of ‘running out of time’).  If it takes a little longer to get the pictures right, so what?  They are such precious images that they are totally worth it…

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