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/Newborn Photography – Professional & Specialist in Crawley Down

Newborn Photography – Professional & Specialist in Crawley Down

  • Professional Newborn Crawley Photographer
  • Professional Newborn Crawley Photographer

Something a bit different for today’s post – I thought you might like to take a little peek behind the scenes at a newborn photograph in the editing stages.

You see, what happens in the studio is of course very important in terms of creating your newborn photographs but it’s really only half of the work.  The rest goes on when I get your images back to my PC and my editing suite.  So above, you can see the raw image straight from camera and then the finished artwork that was presented to the client.

Every newborn is subject to the skin issues that you’d expect from being underwater for nine months, so that’s the first thing that I pay attention to to remove any blotches, patches, flakes and tiny spots and blemishes to perfect their skin.  Then in the case of this image, I wasn’t very happy with the match between the blanket and the headband so I enhanced the blanket to bring out it’s more purple tones so that it made a good match.  Then I take a look at the image as a whole to finish the cropping and other refinements until I’m entirely happy with it.

Every single image is given a good dose of digital love and attention to make sure that your newborn is shown off to their beautiful and perfect best for you.

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