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Newborn photography is one of the most precious types of photography – those early days are gone so fast and before you know it, you have a baby instead of a newborn.

Newborns are just beautiful sleepy creatures and in those sleep deprived crazy first days home from the hospital, there’s a good chance you’ll miss this stage if you can’t look back on photos and remember.

I am a specialist newborn photographer with years of experience in safely handling and soothing newborns into adopting those beautiful sleepy poses in a safe way.  I also have a wide range of props, blankets and accessories in the studio that you have access to during your session although of course you are also invited to bring along anything else that you would like to personalise your session (think favourite outfits, first bears, football colours and other hobby related props…)

I’ve been a full time professional photographer for more than 15 years, and I’ve been photographing newborns for five of those (so right at the start of this very special type of photography’s rise in the UK) I work to the highest possible safety and care standards of course.  I never force a newborn into positions that are uncomfortable for them, or leave them unattended and will always use a parent as a ‘spotter’ if baby safety requires it.  I believe in safe comfortable baby led sessions give you the best possible pictures and studio experience.

  • Specialist and professional newborn photographer

  • Warm and cosy boutique studio

  • Wide range of props and accessories to choose from

  • Baby led sessions with the highest safety standards

  • Wide range of props, outfits and accessories

  • No sales session to attend, simply order online

What does Newborn Photography Cost?

Newborn Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

A newborn photo shoot costs £95 which includes your three favourite digital images to download, print and share as much as you would like to.  Sessions also access to my props and accessories and, most importantly, include two hours of photography time to allow us plenty of time for feeding, settling and to keep the session relaxed and stress free.

Newborn Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

My studio is a warm and cosy space in Crawley Down with a large comfy chaise where you can relax and watch your images being created.  We start with your newborn but parents and siblings are welcome to join in the session and you also have access to all my props and accessories during your session.

View the Newborn Gallery
Book Your Studio Session – £95

No Sales Appointments & Free Baby Club Membership

As with all of my photography, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.  You have enough on your hands with your new arrival so you simply view and order your images from the comfort of your private online gallery where you are welcome to purchase additional prints, digital images or canvases if you would like to.

In addition, when you book a newborn photo shoot, you automatically receive free membership to my baby photography club worth £39.95.  You receive three sessions in the first year with your little one – one each at four, eight and twelve months plus a souvenir triple aperture wall frame containing your favourite image from each session.

About Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

Newborn sessions take place in the first two weeks of their arrival into the outside world (the perfect time is between 5 and 10 days).

After this point, newborn babies tend to be more alert and wakeful so they are difficult to manipulate into those beautiful sleepy poses.  They are also less keen on being folded up in the way they were in the womb.  Each session is scheduled for two hours and I never take back to back sessions so we are never rushed if we run over that time.  Two hours of photography might well sound a bit horrendous when you’ve just had a baby but it really is just a case of getting yourselves here and you are free to relax in the studio whilst I take care of everything else.  While your baby is warm, relaxed and sleepy, I take the pictures leaving plenty of time for feeding, cuddles and settling as required.

I have to limit the amount of these sessions that I take on throughout the year as they are naturally time consuming and I need to be sure that everyone is getting absolutely the attention and time that they deserve.  So I’d recommend that you book your session while you are still pregnant to guarantee it. How this works is that you book and pay for your newborn photography session for your due date plus 7 days.  Then when your baby arrives, just get in touch and we can move your appointment to suit if necessary.

Newborn Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

There’s no denying that any baby born now is likely to have more pictures taken of it in its first year than our grandparents had in a lifetime.  And don’t get me wrong, there’s an incredible amount of value in all of these captured memories.

However, newborn ‘formal’ photography is still a specialist area which is difficult to replicate without the right skill set, experience, environment and equipment.

My Studio is Designed for Newborns

sarah fisher photography studio crawley down east grinstead sussex

My studio is especially set up to deal with newborn photography.  Firstly, and most importantly, there is an extremely comfy sofa for you to crash out on while I create your images.  Vital stuff.

Secondly, it’s fully insulated so I can keep it nice and toasty.  Babies can’t regulate their own body heat and lose it four times faster than adults especially when they’re naked (which they will usually be for some of their shots).  This means that the temperature stays perfect for them, even if it’s a bit warm for us. (That’s a little hint to you to dress accordingly!)

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