I’ve tried to set out here some useful information regarding this type of session but if you have any questions at all, then just get in touch with me and I am happy to help.

Each session is booked in the studio for one hour although I never take back to back appointments so you won’t be rushed through in conveyor belt style. Each session is different and ‘hand crafted’ so we keep a relaxed pace and take a little time to get to know each other.

Clothing and Accessories

When you are coming for this type of session, what you bring along in terms of outfits and accessories will make all the difference to the finished images.  Together, we are looking to create timeless photographs that won’t date so I recommend you bring along plain clothes (that is, no strong patterns or logos).  Classic designs tend to work best, and it’s a good idea to bring some choices in terms outfit, both casual and more formal / traditional.  It really is so important that you have the right outfit choices on the day and I’m more than happy to talk through some options with you before your session so just get in touch if you need any advice.   If you are dressing children, the vintage look works really well as a style and hair accessories, hats and glasses can be a fun addition to the shoot.  We aim to shoot in two or three different outfits but of course you are welcome to bring more and we can make our selections on the day.

Hair and Make Up

This really only applies to kids as obviously if you are an adult, you know what suits you best and of course you should be feeling your most fabulous for your session.  However, for girls, hair is best down and loose (styled however you feel best suits them) although we may do some quick and simple hair styling change during the session.  Decorative hair accessories are always good to bring along and definitely remember to pack a hairbrush for restyling between outfit changes.

Make up is a difficult area as everyone has their own style and lots of information will say that you should apply your make up more heavily for studio photography so that it shows up.  However, I use quite natural lighting and so I wouldn’t go for any more than 10% more than you normally wear.  I would definitely not recommend fake / spray tan before a session but again, of course if you have questions I’m happy to chat things over.

It is possible that you will be barefoot at some point during your session, particularly with kids, and hands will definitely also be on show so it is worth just having a quick check that any nail varnish is in good condition.