Proudly Presenting… My Grandad

/Proudly Presenting… My Grandad

Proudly Presenting… My Grandad

My Grandad Restored Photo

I proudly present my Grandad.

Today is my day off but I am in the office restoring some recently discovered family photos. I never met him as he died before I was born so it’s pretty amazing to see him. This photo was taken in the late 1920s making him just under 20 I reckon. Without this photo I would know absolutely nothing about him, but while it has been on my computer screen, I feel I have got to know him a little bit.

So this is for all you folks out there who say you don’t like your photo being taken and hide when the camera comes out (and I’ll admit I’m one of them). Just think that in 100 years time, there will be someone out there missing the opportunity to look at your face and understand a little bit more about their family.

I’m not saying you have to come to a studio although great if you want to, and there is definitely a difference between a professionally taken photo and an iPhone snap. Still, baby steps and if you really aren’t thrilled about cameras pointed at you then a studio session is a heck of a big leap.   Still, get your image captured.  Pull silly faces, look into the distance, do whatever you have to do to get comfortable with it but get your image captured.  You might never want to look at it, but someone in the future definitely will.

As a side note, while I had him on my screen I noticed his eyelashes had been photographically enhanced.  So for anyone who thinks that airbrushing is a new thing, it definitely isn’t.

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